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I felt like a failure!

I was a busy mom trying to do it all. I was climbing the corporate ladder, volunteering for my child’s school functions and making sure he got to activities and events. Not to mention, cooking, cleaning, keeping the household functioning, and finding time to spend with my spouse (whew!). 

I had daily physical pain, brain fog, overwhelming emotions, irritability, and never really felt like I was doing my best at anything because there was just too much to do.

I feel exhausted just thinking about how it used to be!

Through my struggles over the past few years, I’ve discovered the secret to doing it all and STILL having energy!


So, what was my game changer?

*drum roll please...*

It didn’t come easy though. I didn’t have any hobbies as I was used to working and taking care of everyone else first. I had to look all the way back into my childhood to find a place to start.

Through various shifts in habits, priorities, and LEGIT making time for me within my schedule, I finally had a breakthrough. Now, there is no more brain fog, no more emotional rollercoasters, no more chronic pain, and WAY more energy and stamina!

When you don’t take time to recharge, you are running on a low battery and not performing at your best. I know how hard it is to fit self-care into your schedule.

stop right now and think:
what would you do if you had some “me-time”?

Come on, now, you are smart and capable… you totally are! 


However, we all need a little support sometimes. We need someone to guide us in the process and hold us accountable.

It’s time to embrace that self-care is NOT selfish and realize that by taking care of you others will benefit.

Schedule a private consultation to start today! 


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My Certifications


Health Coach Certification

(Health Coach Institute)


Life Coach Certification

(Health Coach Institute)


Master’s in Psychology

(Capella University)


Bachelor in Business Management

(Western Governors University)


Certified EFT/TFT Master Practitioner

SHRM-SCP Badge.png

Senior Certified Professional (Society for Human

Resource Management)

SPHR Certification Badge.png

Senior Professional in

Human Resources

(Human Resource 

Certification Institute)


Member of

Association for

Comprehensive Energy


Reiki Usui Tradition of Natural Healing


Reiki Master



15+ years of experience in Human Resources including experience in payroll, benefits, recruiting, performance management and employee engagement. Experience managing teams and providing coaching and training to employees and leadership. 

Experience with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), intuition cultivation, guided and silent meditation; and energetic practices related to the Human energy field, the five elements, and Traditional Chinese medicine meridians.

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