Reiki Sessions

Reiki is an energy technique that originated in Eastern cultures. Specifically the Usui System of Reiki was founded in Japan by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.  Sometimes referred to as a "hands off" massage, Reiki supports you in relaxing and rebalancing your energy.

As technology has progressed, research has been able to show the benefits of Reiki.  We can now see energy fields that exists around the earth, the human body, and even individual organs.  We are beginning to better understand how energy effects us and how we can effect energy.

Reiki compliments the body's natural processes to restore physical and emotional well-being. While all experiences are different, most clients experience feelings of overall relaxation, more flow in their body, and feeling more grounded and clear.


 I am currently offering distance Reiki sessions. Clients have experienced positive benefits through these sessions, including enjoying being able to be comfortable in their own space and being able to rest and relax more at the end of the session since they don't have to leave an office. Some have even been surprised at how relaxed and rejuvenated they can feel after a distance sessions, when we weren't even in the same room together! 

Distance Reiki Session: $65.00

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​BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared medical device that is easy to use and non-invasive. BEMER increases local blood flow and stimulates muscles, resulting in a better distribution of oxygen and nutrients while supporting effective cellular waste removal.

What can BEMER enhance?

  • Nutrient & Oxygen Delivery

  • Local Blood Flow

  • Waste Removal

  • Muscle Conditioning

  • Performance

  • Physical Fitness

  • Muscular Strength

  • Endurance & Energy

  • Vitality & Well-Being

  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation

  • Sleep Management

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