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"Without a health coach like Amber I know that I would still be stuck in my old habits

My goal when I started Amber’s program was to lose weight, however what I uncovered was that stress was impacting my ability to achieve my goals. We worked together to find underlying stress points in my life and establish coping mechanisms that I could use on a daily basis.  

During a particularly emotional session, Amber’s genuine care and non-judgmental approach allowed me to be vulnerable and have a breakthrough moment! Even though my session was over the phone, I could feel how she held the space beautifully for me during this time.

Amber was encouraging, helped me gain new perspectives, and find ways to make small changes that helped me towards my goals. I also appreciated the gentle kick in the butt when I needed it! 

Amber has given me tools to continue to grow into healthier habits and continue stress managing techniques that are helping me to hold the space for myself as I grow into my new lifestyle. 

 I’m grateful for the opportunity to improve my life and make lasting habit changes."

- Lisa

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