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Looking for ways to support your employees' wellbeing so they can be happier, work smarter, and be more productive?

Through interactive online and in-person workshops, busy professionals discover how to live more energizing, balanced, and joy filled lives by finding simple self-care strategies that work for them.  They let go of the guilt and start improving their health, increasing their energy, and becoming more productive and creative in their work.

Specialized workshops are available to support leaders and managers with improving communication, increasing employee engagement, and creating respectful and supportive work environments.

Book a FREE 30-minute Consultation today and discover how YOU can start boosting employee wellbeing in YOUR workplace!

Amber's presentation was very informational.  The staff were all able to identify areas in their life that were unbalanced and create action steps they could take right away to improve those areas.  The handouts and visuals during the presentation, along with the practical exercises, made it a packed hour full of information.  I would definitely have Amber back to speak and recommend her for your organization too!

Jaymz Touchstone

Project Manager

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Sample Workshop Topics

All Employees

  • Permission to Put Yourself First

  • Building Resilience

  • Kick the Sugar Habit

  • Simple Practices to Energize the Busy Professional (6-week series)

Managers and Leaders

  • Leading in a Virtual World

  • Boosting Employee Wellbeing

  • Shaping Corporate Culture: Leadership Privilege and Ethical Influences

Custom Workshops

You know your employees best!  If you have a topic in mind, let's work together to create an engaging and inspirational program for your employees!

Book a FREE 30-minute Consultation

Together we'll uncover the current wellness environment in your company/team, identify what support you feel would be best, and I’ll give you personalized feedback around how to get started in a way that fits in with your schedule and company/team culture so that you can start making shifts that help engage, inspire and motivate your employees to be healthier and happier!


As a certified life & health coach, with a Master's in Psychology, I am well versed in wellness, human behavior, and habit change.  I am a certified Human Resources professional, with a background in performance management and employee/leadership coaching and training.

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