Self-care isn’t selfish!

Ready to have less guilt and more me-time so that you can completely transform your life?

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Tired of feeling tired?

Discover 3 EASY NO-COST steps that you can use RIGHT NOW to increase your energy.

PSSST ... Wanna know a secret?

Taking time for self-care actually gives you MORE energy

and allows you to do MORE for others!

Have you ever longed for a quiet moment to yourself,

but felt guilty making time for you? Have you ever prioritized YOU?

If not, we both know it’s not because you aren’t smart and capable – it’s because making time for yourself seems impossible!

What if I told you self-care isn’t selfish? 

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Private Consultation

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1:1 Coaching

with Amber

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Employer and conference workshops

I felt like a failure!

I was a busy mom trying to do it all...


I was climbing the corporate ladder, volunteering for my child’s school functions and making sure he got to activities and events. Not to mention, cooking, cleaning, keeping the household functioning, and finding time to spend with my spouse (whew!). 

I had daily physical pain, brain fog, overwhelming emotions, irritability, and never really felt like I was doing my best at anything because there was just too much to do.

I feel exhausted just thinking about how it used to be!

Through my struggles over the past few years, I’ve discovered the secret to doing it all and STILL having energy!


So, what was my game changer?

My Certifications


Health Coach Certification

(Health Coach Institute)


Life Coach Certification

(Health Coach Institute)


Master’s in Psychology

(Capella University)


Bachelor in Business Management

(Western Governors University)


Certified EFT/TFT Master Practitioner

SHRM-SCP Badge.png

Senior Certified Professional

(Society for Human Resource Management)

SPHR Certification Badge.png

Senior Professional in 

Human Resources

(Human Resource

Certification Institute)


Member of

Association for 

Comprehensive Energy


Reiki Usui Tradition of Natural Healing


Level 1 and Level 2 

Kind Words

My goal when I started Amber’s program was to lose weight, however what I uncovered was that stress was impacting my ability to achieve my goals. Together we found the underlying stress points in my life so that I could establish coping mechanisms for use on a daily basis. 

She helped me gain new perspectives and find ways to make small changes that helped me towards my goals. I also appreciated the gentle kick in the butt when I needed it!

Amber has given me tools to continue to grow into healthier habits and stress management techniques so that I can hold the space myself as I grow into my new lifestyle.

~Lisa D~


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