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Presenter May 14, 2021

Presentation: How Privileged Are You?
Impacts of Practitioner Privilege on Clients

The conference includes inspired keynotes, community events, amazing energy, and new methods and practical tips that can help your clients. All live, all online. A rich experience like no other. CE/CME/CNE.

chill moms Podcast

February 2021


Need a reminder on how taking care of YOU actually serves all those you love?

Listen in to the Chill Mom's podcast where I talk about self-care and things you can do in less than 10 minutes to refresh and recharge.

Take time today to start filling your cup again. 

Auspicious Wellness Optimal Wellness Podcast

September 2020 Part 1 of 2:

Check out Part 1 where we talk about how busy successful women can fit self-care into their lives so they can increase their energy. 

September 2020 Part 2 of 2:

Check out Part 2 where we talk about stress, what it does to the body, and some simple affordable tips to help you de-stress in minutes!

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