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Amber Jenson is a corporate wellness consultant, professional speaker, and podcast guest focused on supporting employee wellbeing and improving workplace culture. 


Interested in booking her for your workplace, podcast or event?

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Podcast Guest

2021 Forgive and Thrive Podcast

“Preventing Burnout at Work”

2021 Coach Heal Motivate Podcast

“Rebalance Through Life Changes”


2021 Chill Moms Podcast

“How to Find Self-love”


2020 Auspicious Wellness Optimal Wellness Podcast

“The Successful Woman Takes Care of Self

Part 1 and Part 2”



2022 SupportWorld Live Conference

"Boosting Employee Wellness"

2022 WA State SHRM Conference

"Uncover Your Privilege"

2022 WE Local Conference - Albuquerque

"Boosting Employee Wellbeing"

2022 INVALUABLE Conference

Presented by the Health Care Action Council

“Boosting Employee Wellbeing”

2021 Washington Bankers Association Education/HR Conference

“Coaching and Leading in a Virtual World”

2021 23rd International Energy Psychology Conference

“How Privileged Are You?”

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Other Events

2022 Virtual Networkers Chapter Meeting

“Permission to Put Yourself First”

2021 Nourish to Live Rx Guest

"Permission to Put Yourself First"

2021 SHRM Olympia Chapter Meeting

“Shaping Corporate Culture”

2021 Empowerment 4 Girls

Conscious Minds – Conscious Bodies™ Camp

“Resiliency, Relationships and Self-Care”

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